Who We Are

We are The Sachsons, Kevin and Jessica…welcome to our blog!
We met in April 2012, when I (Jess) purchased a condo in Charlotte, NC. Kevin lived directly above me and truth be told, our friends thought we were crazy to date each other because of our close proximity. Thank goodness we trusted our instincts, took the chance and discovered our incredible connection. Just shy of our year and a half anniversary Kevin popped the question and two months later we were married in San Francisco.
A year ago, I never would have imagined our life the way it is today. Kevin accepted a new job in February 2014 and relocated to Frankfurt, Germany.

Why Mustard+Bananas?

Kevin moved to Germany nearly two months before me and during one of our many phone calls, Kevin revealed he was eating dinner. Naturally, I asked what he was having and never in a million years would I have guessed what would come next….a mustard and banana sandwich!

Disgusting, right?

Admittedly, Kevin said it was all he had and I quickly realized I needed to get to Germany, pronto! This sandwich…completely unexpected and makes me think of what this experience will bring – unexpected travels, food, friendships and amazing memories. Just no more mustard and bananas together, we have now added a lovely companion to our cupboard, peanut butter (to be clear, this for the bananas and not the mustard – despite Kevin’s weird cravings)!

Where We Stand

We left behind our home, family, friends, our beloved dog Natalie, careers and all things familiar to take this two year, once in a lifetime opportunity, to begin our marriage in a unique way. We are beyond excited for this journey. This blog will capture our travels and life abroad, so those who wish to take this journey with us can easily join along.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I am more than thrilled you are sharing with us! I miss you both, and am happy to escape on mini trips abroad with you. Enjoy your time over there, as you will miss some things when you return to the states.
    Jeanne S.

  2. I’m enjoying reading your blog – I recently moved to Frankfurt from Canada. I’ve been looking for a yoga studio and noticed that you’re teaching! Do you have any recommendations for studios? And preferably classes in English?

    • Hi Lisa!
      Thanks for checking out the blog and welcome to Frankfurt! I can definitely recommend a yoga studio, Balance Yoga in Sachsenhausen offers 10 English yoga classes per week and it is also where I teach.
      Hope to meet you soon,

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