Frankfurt Is My Boyfriend

A few months ago it was warm enough to walk outside wearing a t-shirt…sigh, what a glorious thought. I was walking down the street, went by a girl and in a Carrie Bradshaw kind of way, she was wearing a t-shirt that said “New York Is My Boyfriend”. I loved it and could not help but have a huge smile on my face in appreciation for the current city I live in. Quickly the thought entered my mind that this wonderful city, Frankfurt,  is in fact my boyfriend. Like any new relationship, it took some time to get to know each other and after a few months I have grown to love this place.

To me it is exciting to think about the possibilities to meet new people and you never know what you will encounter around the next corner.

The month of December was indeed busy and going into it, we had this grand plan to visit as many Christmas markets as we possibly could. How many did we actually visit? Two in total and it was exactly how it was supposed to go down. Our calendar was suddenly filled with creating memories with our new friends. We had a wedding to attend, holiday parties, numerous yoga classes to teach (für mich, nicht Kevin) and we still managed to fit in two trips – Gran Canaria and Strasbourg, France.

We have incredible pictures from those trips and are delighted to share them with you in the coming weeks. So for now, my boyfriend not only filled our social calendar but as a bonus, gave us some delicious glühwein and a beautiful snow angel.

The Frankfurt Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) opened on November 26th. Kevin was traveling for work, so I had my first glühwein with our German class. The best was found at the stand “LIEBLING”, which in German means sweetie and sweet it was…this warm wine was a great way to make it bearable to be outside on a chilly night.

10922650_10152610263047544_5819426634744071727_n 10930091_10152610263117544_4269643198420538878_n10923718_10152610263197544_1785787025273127791_n

The market lasted four weeks and opened daily at 10am and promptly closed at 9pm. On a Friday late afternoon, I joined two of my friends Alicia and Katherine. We had a blast and a few hours later Kevin joined. The Christmas market is not only for drinking glühwein…there is incredible food, homemade Christmas decorations to purchase (which we did) and a chance to celebrate this wonderful season and life with people from all generations. I had my first ever German conversation with a gentleman that did not speak or understand any English. We talked about where we were from, where we live and how much we enjoyed this time of year. A year ago, it would have been hard to imagine that convo taking place.


The lovely Katherine and Alicia


One of many stands for Glühwein


Love this shot of the tree


The cute stand where we purchased our homemade decorations


No German festival is complete without the infamous gingerbread cookies!

DSCN5813 DSCN5814 DSCN5816 DSCN5821

A short couple of weeks later, we experienced our first snow fall in Frankfurt. We just had to get down to the river to take some shots and I did my best to keep warm.

DSCN6288 DSCN6289 DSCN6290 DSCN6292 DSCN6297 DSCN6300 DSCN6301 DSCN6305 DSCN6307 DSCN6312 DSCN6314 DSCN6315

And given the chance, I had to throw in an angel. Kevin thought I was nuts, but it was so much fun! I simply could not pass up the opportunity to laugh, be silly and feel like a kid in the fluffy white snow, all thanks to my boyfriend.

DSCN6320 DSCN6321 DSCN6324 DSCN6326 DSCN6330

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